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  • Little Girl Playing "Wedding" In A Bride's Veil

    If You Are Like Most Brides...

    You Have Been Thinking About & Planning Your Wedding Day For A Long Time!

    Intuitive Bodywork Massage Therapy
    will help you relax, enjoy your special day,
    and feel like a kid again!

  • Are You Engaged, Getting Married, Planning A Wedding... Or Do You Know Someone Who Is?

    Make your wedding even more lovely, memorable, romantic and less stressful. Add the special touch of a customized massage experience.


    The amount of work and planning before a wedding can be overwhelming at times... certainly for bride... but also for everyone involved in the wedding planning process. The mother-of-the-bride, the new mother-in-law and the groom may become exhausted and frazzled. And what about dad and the father-of-the groom?


    The entire wedding party can benefit from a relaxing massage!

    Integrating massage therapy into your wedding plans is highly customizable. Whether a single massage when you need it most, to providing massage therapy services during the planning process, on the wedding day and beyond, the choice is yours. I will work with you to create your unique wedding massage therapy package.


    As a dad of three married girls, I know all the work and all the tears and all the joy that go along with the planning, the wedding ceremony and the reception. As a former massage therapy educator, I have a network of licensed, professional massage therapists to accommodate larger events. I will work with you to create your unique wedding massage therapy package.

    Picture Of Bride & Groom

    Massage For

    Brides, Grooms Wedding Events

    & Wedding Parties Make Sense On So Many Levels!

    Here's Why!


    Planning A Wedding Is No Easy Thing! Even The Best Planning Can Leave Everyone Feeling A Bit Frazzled.


    Give The Gift Of "Calm," "Grounded" & "In Control" With An Instant Massage Therapy Gift Certificate For The Bride, Groom Or Anyone Involved In The Wedding Planning Process!


    Many brides receive massage therapy regularly throughout the wedding planning process in order to stay grounded and feeling good. Whether once a month, every two weeks or whenever you make some time for yourself, massage therapy will


    Some other ideas to include massage therapy in your wedding are:

    • Massage For The Bride On Her Wedding Day: Wake to a luxurious one-hour soothing and sensual head to toes flowing massage! Start your wedding day with a smile!
  • Bridal & Wedding Massage Services Menu

    No Matter How Big or How Small,

    Intuitive Bodywork Can Provide The Services

    To Make Your Special Day Even More Special,

    More Memorable, More Fun & Less Stressful

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    For The Bride

    Massage Therapy offers very real physical and mental benefits for the bride. It's not just about relaxation and being pampered anymore! Massage can help the bride feel less anxious, more confident about herself, relaxed and in control. Physically, massage can help the bride feel great and br even more beautiful!

    Massage Throughout The Planning Process: Getting massage regularly as you are planning for the big day is one of the smartest things a bride can do. Planning your wedding can be stressful! The planning process has been known to lead many intelligent, rational peoplr to go a little crazy... You have heard of "Bridezilla," right?


    Massage For The Bride On Her Wedding Day: Wake to a luxurious one-hour soothing and sensual head to toes flowing massage! Start your wedding day with a smile, relaxed, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Come to our place or we will come io your home, hotel or other wedding venue.

    Groom Getting Massage On Wedding Day

    For The Groom

    Wedding planning & the wedding itself can also be stressful for the groom. Remember to schedule massage for the groom. He will also enjoy and benefit from massage therapy. Help him feel relaxed and confident throughout the planning and the wedding itself! You will be glad you did,

    Groom Getting Massage On Wedding Day

    For The Wedding Party

    Massage Gift Certificates are a very special "Thank You!" to bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the wedding party.

  • If You Are Planning A Wedding,

    Massage Therapy Is For You!

    Massage Therapy Offers Wellness & Relaxation, Pain & Stress Relief,

    Preventative Health Care, Better Posture, Good Mental Health,

    Improved Posture, Nurturing Touch & More. Enjoy!

    Woman Getting Massage-Holiday Scene

    "Massage Makes Me Happy"


    Woman Getting Massage-Holiday Scene

    "Massage Makes Me Happy"

    ...Simply Stated.

  • Wedding Massage & Beyond

    Services Menu!

    + You Don't Have To Get Married To Get A Massage!


    Smiling Woman Getting Shoulder Massage

    Massage Therapy + NMT

    45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions

    Massage Therapy Is One Of The Best Ways To Manage Stress, Relieve Anxiety And Manage Depression. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) Is An Effective Method For Releasing Acute And Chronic Pain. Our Approach Combines Massage Therapy And Neuromuscular Therapy For Powerful And Long Lasting Results!


    Safe, caring touch is essential for optimum physical and emotional health! Therapeutic massage can be a vital part of living a healthier, happier, pain free life.


    Note: Massage + NMT is Our Standard Massage Service & Can Be Alltered From Gentle Touch To Deep Tissue Massage To Meet The Needs Of The Client. 75 Minutes Is The Standard Length.

    Energy Work and Chakra Illustration

    Energy Work/Reiki/

    Chakra Balancing

    45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions

    Gentle, Meditative Healing Touch for Grounding, Restoring Balance, Being In The Moment, Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief.


    Energy Work is accomplished through a simple laying-on-of hands and is facilitated in a meditative state of care and healing. The therapist becomes a conduit of universal healing energy to the client, subtly sensing, assessing and reacting to the movement, flow and release of energy in the client.


    The Energy therapist seeks to channel positive, healing energy to the receiver and works to balance the subtle energy patterns in the body.

    Woman's Abdomen Receiving Fertility Massage

    Fertility Massage

    45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions

    Fertility Massage Is A Safe, All-Natural Fertility Therapy,Designed To Help Women Conceive.


    This Work Combines A Variety Of Techniques To Support Your Menstrual Cycle, Reproductive Health, Digestion & Fertility Including:

    • Massage Therapy
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
    • Chi Nei Tsang (Asian organ massage)
    • Myofascial Release
    • Energy Work
    • Acupressure
    • Reflexology
    • Castor Oil Therapy

    Fertility Massage can increase the chances of getting pregnant by stimulating the reproductive organs and regulating ovulation. Fertility massage will not have side effects and may be combined with other treatments that are used to boost fertility!

    Pregnant Woman Ready For A Massage

    Prenatal Massage Or Postnatal Massage

    45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions

    Massage Is Safe & Beneficial At All Stages Of PregnancyAnd Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do For You And Your Baby!


    The Physical, Mental And emotional benefits of massage during pregnancy are significant!


    Research conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that prenatal massage reduces stress hormones in the body, improves mood and sleep patterns, and reduces anxiety and back pain.


    Studies also show that women who receive regular massage during pregnancy have lower rates of premature birth and fewer obstetrical problems. Their babies have a lower rate of postnatal complications.



    Woman Examining Her Breast

    Lymphatic Breast Massage

    45. 75 & 105 Minute Sessions

    Lymphatic Breast Massage assists in promoting healthy breast tissue. Breast Massage helps to reduce fibroids and cysts, relieves the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or compression from bras.This work helps to relieve pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall and assists in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery.


    Health Benefits Of Breast Massage

    • Relieves Breast Pain & Tenderness
    • Relieves PMS Related Tenderness
    • Increases Comfort & Helps Maintain Posture By Opening The Chest And Providing A More Supple, Lighter Feeling
    • Increases Circulation And Lymph Drainage, Removing Metabolic Waste And Toxins While Supplying Fresh Nutrition To Breast Tissues
    • Helps Resolve Fibrocystic Tissue, Cysts and Other Benign Conditions
    • After implant surgery, Breast Massage can play a critical role in the prevention of capsular contracture.
    • In emotional healing: Some women want to become more comfortable with their own breasts or resolve past trauma. Safe, nurturing touch can provide a healing experience.
    • Following surgery, Breast Massage speeds healing and lessens scar formation
      Depressed Woman In Her Bedroom

      Trauma Bodywork

      45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions

      Trauma Bodywork uses gentle, nurturing touch, holding, energy bodywork and other modalities with the intent to assist in the healing of physical, mental or emotional trauma. In the comfort and safety of the massage treatment room and the use of safe, skillful touch, there can be a letting go of the pain and trauma of the past.


      Trauma Bodywork Offers Exceptional Healing SupportFor People Affected By Or Working Through Issues Including:

      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Eating Disorders
      • Trauma
      • Abuse
      • Grief & Loss
      • Negative Body Image
      • Low Self Esteem
      • Drug, Alcohol & Other Addictions

      Trauma Bodywork Integrates

      Various Techniques Including:

      • Massage Therapy
      • Energy Bodywork
      • Myofascial Release
      • Safe, Gentle Touch & Holding
      • Positional Release
      • Therapeutic Communication
      • Stretching & Movement
      • Healing Intent
      Man Getting A Back Massage-Face Down

      Package Deals

      45, 75 and 105 Minute Sessions Available

      3 And 6 Visit Packages Available

      Prepaid massage packages really are the best value in massage! You get a geat discount, certainly, but you also get all the benefits of regular massage without the fine-print contracts and commitments that come with big chain memberships. Prepaid package sessions can be used by anyone you wish, not just the person who purchased it. Buying a prepaid massage package could be a huge benefit to you and those close to you. In fact, it might just change your life.


      Experience the benefits of

      regular massage for yourself
      There’s a big difference between getting a massage once or twice a year and being able to come in once or twice a month! You’ll experience:

      • decreased stress and anxiety
      • less pain in the muscles and other soft tissues
      • increased mobility
      • better posture
      • improved sleep
      • a stronger body-mind connection
      • improved self-image and body awareness

      And that’s the short list of benefits


      Give your business a shot in the arm
      Because our prepaid massage packages are completely shareable, they can be a great fringe benefit for your co-workers or employees. Not only will your workforce think better of you for it, they’ll be more relaxed, happy, and productive.

      Woman Getting A Massage-Holiday Theme

      Custom Combo Paks

      Combine Multiple Services In A Single Session For The Ultimate Massage And Bodywork Experience!


      Massage + Energy Work Combo Paks

      • Massage Therapy (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes). 1.5 Hours Total Session 
      • Massage Therapy (75 minutes + Energy Work  (45 minutes) + Aromatherapy. 1.5 Hours Total Session. Our Most Popular Combo Pak!

      Women's Health Combo Paks

      • Massage Therapy (90 minutes) + Lymphatic Breast Massage, (15 minutes). 105 Minutes Total Session
      • Massage Therapy (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes) + Lymphatic Breast Massage, (15 minutes). 1.75 Hours Total Session
      • Massage Therapy (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15 minutes) + Aromatherapy. 2.25 Hours Total Session
      Prenatal Combo Paks
      • Prenatal Massage (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes). 1.5 Hours Total Session
      • Prenatal Massage (75 minutes) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15 minutes). 90 Minutes Total Session
      • Prenatal Massage (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes). 1.5 Hours Total Session
      • Prenatal Massage (75 minutes) + Energy Work (45 minutes) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15 minutes). 2.25 Hours Total Session
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